rogues' gallery

  everyone has their own little treasure trove of places on the world wide web. while I haven't just dumped my bookmarks file up here wholesale, this is a smattering of the websites that I find really interesting or useful. enjoy.

news and information
plastic recycling the web in real time. political and social discussion.
slashdot news for nerds. stuff that matters.
the guardian the british incarnation of liberal media bias.
nz wire service up-to-the-minute news coverage around new zealand.

gaming news
blue's news everything and anything from a gamer's point of view.
gamasutra the online form of game developer magazine. highly recommended.
gamespot gaming for the masses. interesting for a different perspective.
ign xbox all the mediocre gaming journalism that's fit to be regurgitated.
bungie.net bungie's ministry of information and entertainment.
marathon's story unbelievably detailed dissection of marathon and halo.
halo.bungie.org the bungie fan community in all its splendour.

useful tools
google amazing associative search engine.
babelfish multilingual translation.
ftpsearch powerful file location tool.
otago people search the university's best kept secret.
dictionary.com just what it says.

updated 02.21.18
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