university is a marvellous place, so much so that I'm almost a little hesitant to list it here under the category of 'work'. anyway, from 1989 to 1999 I studied at university in new zealand, primarily in computer science and mathematics but with a smattering of linguistics, psychology, chemistry, physics, geology and philosophy.

  under this category you can find summaries of my undergraduate and postgraduate study, a list of publications and some tangible demonstrations of useful and semi-useful work.


  I've been an avid student of computer games, both as a player and a programmer, for some number of years. in late 1999, a great opportunity opened up at bungie software and, well, I leapt at it. I spent february 2000 working on a temporary consulting basis for their san jose-based development team on oni, a third-person anime-style action game.

  currently, I'm marking time back in new zealand waiting for the final arrangements on my us work visa to clear, but hopefully by april I should be working full-time for them. it's a great project, but as with any computer game these days there's a significant amount of deadline pressure and wasted time really doesn't help things. [rant snipped]

  more details may be forthcoming once the game gets more public exposure and I can talk about stuff freely.

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