455 pics


  my university career has spanned some eleven years, over which I've occasionally generated some interesting tidbits. this page has links to those that I have managed to excavate from the past.

robinson lego

  in fourth-year computer graphics, students complete a modelling assignment and an animation assignment. I still have some pictures from my cosc 455 coursework.

build it - and they will come

  after I wrote the mirage ray-tracing system, it was used for coursework in cosc 322 and cosc 455. here is a gallery of images created by students using it.

lord of leaves?

  exhibit A from the thesis that I submitted for the degree of master of science was a large gallery of images of trees. the accompanying CD also contained many animations of trees blowing in the wind and growing over a period of years. some of the highlights are available on this page.

digital play-doh

  while not finished, my phd has produced a few interesting results. you can tinker with a prototype solid modeller that I created as a research testbed.

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