imagine strafing thrall

  pluginviewer is an opengl toy that lets you fly around a 3D landscape in real-time. it reads the map files from the popular game myth ii: soulblighter from bungie software. you can still run pluginviewer even if you don't own myth ii (but you should! it's a great game!).

mmm... pretty...

  you will need windows 98, NT or 200, an opengl-compatible 3d accelerator in order to use pluginviewer, preferably with agp 2x and at least 16 MB of texture memory. otherwise, you'll just have to be content to gaze at these screenshots.

caer fos greenacres leagues lichen2 untamed cloudspine phoenix grave cracks drinking desert friends civil chest gimble

with both hands outstretched

  you may download the windows executable for pluginviewer v1.0, or the source code (microsoft visual c++ 6.0).

  at one stage, there was a macintosh port planned. however, both programmers who have started working on it have given up. not from any kind of hideous coding problems, I assure you, just a simple lack of time. if you want to take a stab at it, feel free! drop me a line if you have any questions concerning pluginviewer.

  ps: if you're wondering how it's done, it's based on the ROAM algorithm. there is a brief explanation in the readme file.

updated 02.21.18
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